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Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

Hunter Law Office, P.C. has been proven to be accomplished in litigation, driven and committed to providing our clients in the River Bend region with the best possible resolution to their legal matters.

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.


Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

When it comes to finding a solution to our client’s legal issues, we begin by discussing mediation as an option. Going to court is in nobody’s best interest. It is a lengthy process, it’s expensive, and the judge decides the outcome of your dispute instead of you and your opponent. You will have a much more limited influence on your outcome pf our case in court.

Attorney Christopher B. Hunter has acted as a court-appointed neutral in Family, Real Estate, and Business law matters for more than 30 years. He works with the parties involved in legal disputes and their attorneys to craft settlements that help everyone move on with their lives.

Your Legal Advocate on Family Law

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

Here at Hunter Law Office, P.C., we understand how stressful dealing with a divorce, child custody, adoption, and other family issues can be. We are dedicated to our clients and providing the personal attention they deserve. Each client is treated with respect and kindness.  Attorney Christopher B. Hunter has over 46 years experience in the practice of Family Law.

Hunter Law Office, P.C., can help clients with the following family law issues:

  • Divorce
  • Custody/visitation
  • Property Division
  • Child Support
  • Adoption
  • Legal Representation of Clients in Family Law Mediation Matters
  • Premarital Agreements

Estate Planning

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

Attorney Who Cares About Your Estate Planning

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

Thinking about everything you need to consider when creating an estate plan can be stressful and overwhelming. Do I need a will? Should I have trust? How will my assets be divided after I have passed away? These are all valid questions to be thinking about, and our attorney can help.

We have the experience and resources to create a custom estate plan that works best for your needs now and in the future.

Crafting Your Estate Plan

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

When it comes to estate planning, our experienced attorney can help you with the following:

  • Drafting Wills
  • Creating Trusts
  • Drafting Powers of Attorney and Advanced Medical Directives
  • Setting Up Guardianship for Individuals Who Cannot Manage Their Affairs

Estate planning is essential when planning for the future, protecting your assets, preventing family disputes, and potentially avoiding probate. Probate can be lengthy and costly if you don’t have a well-thought-out estate plan in place.

Probate Administration

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

We handle the administration of decedents estates whether with or without a Last Will and Testament. We work to assist heirs and administrators complete the transfer the deceased person’s assets and to resolve any creditor’s claims which may be filed against the estate.

We also handle guardianships, whether for disabled adults or minor children, including both the appointment of a legal guardian and the completion of inventories and annual reports, when required.

Business Law

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

For any business to thrive over a lengthy period, it must develop strong relationships with clients and establish a stellar reputation in the communities it serves. Hunter Law Office, P.C., in Alton, Illinois, has accomplished that and more while serving businesses in Madison County and throughout the River Bend area.

Representing Business

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

We represent businesses in Madison County, Jersey County, and beyond in Illinois.  Call +1 618-466-9510 to schedule a meeting.

We represent businesses in diverse industries, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Services
  • Agriculture, and
  • Professional Services

How We Help

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

We assist with a wide range of business law needs, from business formation to business dissolution and everything in between. Our services include:

  • Selecting a Business Entity
  • Drafting Partnership or Shareholder Agreements
  • Developing Employee Guidelines and Handbooks
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Exiting a Business Partnership
  • Commercial Real Estate Purchases or Lease Agreements
  • Business Litigation, Including Zoning or Easement
  • Employment Disputes
  • Agricultural Business Matters
Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

General Litigation

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

We handle most areas of civil litigation, including landlord/tenant cases, business disputes, real estates disputes in courts throughout the River Band area.

We work to help our clients through the stress of litigation and attempt to bring matters to a conclusion as quickly as possible.

Alternative Dispute Resolutions

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

Zealous Attorney for Resolving Your Legal Disputes

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

At Hunter Law Office, P.C., in Alton, we are enthusiastic proponents of resolving disputes without litigating whenever it makes sense. It is generally less expensive, less stressful, more respectful, and typically produces solutions that are more acceptable to both sides, which results in fewer problems with enforcement of the agreement.

Resolving Civil Disputes With Mediation and Arbitration

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

We are adept at helping businesses and individuals resolve disputes through mediation or arbitration. Both strategies involve third-party neutrals who oversee the negotiation process. Mediation is usually nonbinding, while arbitration is often a binding process, meaning the parties must adhere to the decision made by the arbitrator or the arbitration panel.

We represent clients during the mediation of a variety of civil disputes, including:

  • Real Estate Matters
  • Business Disputes, and
  • Family Law Disputes

With more than  46 years of experience representing clients in Illinois, we are familiar with how the judges rule in a wide variety of cases given a certain set of circumstances.

Attorney Christopher B. Hunter has served as a mediator in a variety of cases for more than 30 years, helping businesses and individuals resolve civil disputes. For many years he has served as a court-appointed mediation neutral, This gives him a broader perspective on the mediation process. Mr. Hunter can also provide a reasonable forecast of how a mediator may view negotiations between you and the other party in a case.

You Are in Control With Alternative Dispute Resolution

Hunter & Johnson, P.C.

The civil justice system continues to embrace alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to resolve differences without litigating. A number of strategies fall within the ADR category, including mediation, arbitration, early neutral evaluation, collaborative law, and many other non-litigation approaches.

When mediation and arbitration don’t work, we are prepared to resolve your issue with alternative dispute resolution (ADR). This is a creative option that allows businesses and individuals to come to an agreement that a court would not be allowed to impose.